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Think Global, Act Local

As a global systems integrator, WCS Global facilitates digital innovation. We have been at the leading edge of networks and telecommunications from their creation and continue to grow through each new technical transformation. Our team has cultivated connections across industries through our dedication, expertise and commitment to our partnerships. We prioritize our obligation to providing industry leading practices through strategy, product implementation, service management and more.

WCS Global is here to work for you, no matter the sector or scale, bringing world-class experts and services to adapt to the ever-growing needs of your business. Our global network and unparalleled industry experience provides unmatched technical support, catering to your needs with leading-edge solutions. Whether you are looking for cutting edge solutions or more established software platforms we always invest in the future with a view to servicing your business needs.

Our Team

Headshot of Veronica Farmer

Veronica Farmer
WCS Global

Headshot of Michael Turner

Michael Turner
WCS Global

Headshot of Arda Ozgun

Arda Ozgun
WCS Global

Headshot of Ben Morris

Ben Morris
WCS Global

Headshot of Tiffani Westerman

Tiffani Westerman
WCS North America

Headshot of Michael McMahon

Michael McMahon
WCS North America

Headshot of Lionel Hovsepian

Lionel Hovsepian
WCS Europe

Headshot of Patrice Brillard

Patrice Brillard
WCS Europe

Headshot of Luc Hallion

Luc Hallion
WCS Europe

Headshot of Jean-Paul Cossart

Jean-Paul Cossart
WCS Europe

Headshot of Stéphane Grasset

Stéphane Grasset
WCS Europe

Headshot of Bertrand le Gorgeu

Bertrand le Gorgeu
WCS Europe

Headshot of Jean-Philippe Déranlot

Jean-Philippe Déranlot
WCS Europe

Headshot of Tiphaine Hovsepian

Tiphaine Hovsepian
WCS Europe

Headshot of Morgan Huguenot

Morgan Huguenot
WCS Europe

Headshot of Bogdan Cichocki

Bogdan Cichocki
WCS Europe

Headshot of Edward Lambert

Edward Lambert
WCS Europe

Headshot of Mike Galvin

Mike Galvin
WCS Europe

Headshot of Dr. Peter Sommerer

Dr. Peter Sommerer
WCS Europe

Headshot of Ahmed Al-Hayderi

Ahmed Al-Hayderi
WCS Middle East and Africa

Headshot of Raul Ciudad de la Cruz

Raul Ciudad de la Cruz
WCS South America

Headshot of Alan Chan

Alan Chan
WCS Asia-Pacific

Headshot of Anthony Chan

Anthony Chan
WCS Asia-Pacific

Headshot of Nihar Ranjan Sahoo

Nihar Ranjan Sahoo
WCS India

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